Bruce Andrews

Bruce Andrews pic

June 25, 1959 – October 17, 1992

Bruce Michael Andrews was born in Detroit and attended school in Troy and Sterling Heights.  He worked for a time for a construction firm and on the assembly line for Ford Motors before taking a position as maintenance supervisor for a senior living complex.  Andrews also tended bar part-time at the Gas Station.  At age 33, he was found murdered in his Sterling Heights home.

Cruise, October 28, 1992

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  1. I was involved with Bruce for a short period of time in 1988 from January to September. We met in Los Angeles where I resided and being 22 years of age, I felt I had nothing to lose so I packed up and moved to Royal Oak, Michigan to be with him. Although our relationship was brief, I found him to be a very loyal friend and an all-around nice guy. We were both young, so looking back I feel we might have moved a bit too quick. Hey, it’s what you do when you’re young, right? When I learned about his death from his best friend Mike Jarosik, I was shocked, upset and deeply saddened. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Bruce enters my mind every so often; and he’s been on my mind lately, which prompted me to Google his name leading me to this website and short article about him. Bruce, you will always be loved and missed. – Jerry Vigil

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