Bradley Grant

Bradley Grant pic

June 4, 1963 – July 19, 1993

Bradley Grant was a longtime member of the Detroit chapter of Black and White Men Together.  He served on the board of the Michigan Organization or Human Rights and was active with the Detroit Area Gay/Lesbian Council.  He also performed as a female impersonator under the name Peaches la Fleur.  He died from AIDS-related complications at age 30.

BWMT Detroit newsletter, August 1993

One thought on “Bradley Grant”

  1. I have just discovered this posting. On behalf of my family, We/I thank you for this tribute. Ms. Peaches LaFleur was my 2nd cousin, my grandmother and her mother were sisters, but we were only 7 years apart. I found out about hur being LGBTQ as we were in Todd’s watching the show with Ms. Elaine St.Jacques, Deniece Eubanks, and Melba Moore and April Summers!!!

    She took me backstage to meet everyone and soon afterward I began to work with hur as hur assistant on the road. Later, she was very instrumental and supported me in developing Samantha Stephens Divinity. I was hur care provider during hur battle with HIV/AIDS and it was devastating knowing that from diagnosis to death was only 2 years.

    Wow!!!! 26 years has passed and I STILL hear hur voice and whenever I am performing, I can still hear hur saying, “Work, bitch! Do our family proud!”

    Thank you for this tribute!!!!!!

    I am Demetris Dennis Taylor aka Big Meach or Samantha Stephens Divinity and I APPROVE this message!!


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