Ken Collier


January 9, 1949 – February 19, 1996

Known as the Godfather of House, legendary DJ Ken Collier spun music around Detroit for more than 30 years at such gay clubs as Bookie’s Club 870, Heaven, Todd’s, the Chessmate, and L’uomo.  His skill with the turntable inspired a new generation of DJs and helped put Detroit’s dance scene on the global musical map.

Metra, February 28, 1996

MetroTimes, May 15-21, 1996

Ken Collier: A Legend Remembered

One thought on “Ken Collier”

  1. A quiet soul, Ken exuded a warmth that filled the room when he entered it. It is doubtful that Detroit’s house and techno scene in the 1980’s and the 1990’s would have ever gotten started if it had not been for this man who was a brilliant DJ and who selflessly shared that brilliance with others. I am certain the angels in heaven are dancing to his music at this very moment as much as Detroiters danced to his sets in our own club ‘Heaven’ which was at 7 Mile and Woodward.


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