Rod Reinhart


January 13, 1949 – November 24, 2015

A graduate of Oakland University, Rev. Rod Reinhart left teaching to attend divinity school and became one of the nation’s first openly gay priests ordained in the Episcopal Church.  He helped found the annual ecumenical worship service People Who Care About People with AIDS.

Windy City Times, December 2, 2015

Between The Lines, December 3, 2015

One thought on “Rod Reinhart”

  1. Rodney was also instrumental in negotiating the support of the Episcopal and Catholic diocese for the cr eation of Wellness House Michigan. Rodney and I visited both and obtained cash grants from both. Together with a grant from the city of Detroit, we obtained sufficient funds to purchase the property that became Wellness House which took in homeless men diagnosed with AIDS. We also recruited a board of professionals from healthcare, social workers, and religious communities to run Wellness House.


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