Don DeMorrow Jr.

February 18, 1951 – November 2, 1989

Donald Lee “Don” DeMorrow Jr. was born in and grew up in Benton Harbor.  Following high school, from 1969 to 1971, he served as a corpsman in the U.S. Navy.  Three years later he settled in California.  DeMorrow met his lover Hess Davison in 1979 and the two shared a home in Guernesville, north of San Francisco.  He died from AIDS-related complications at age 38.

Bay Area Reporter, November 16, 1989

One thought on “Don DeMorrow Jr.”

  1. Um your facts are greatly flawed. This is my father so you skipped the fact that he tried playing it straight and had a kid named Chris and a wife named Linda. Also hessel completely ghosted me the day my dad died leaving me without both dads. I am proud to say I grew up that way in the Harvey Milk Era with 2 dad’s. Tell the full story if you’re going g to tell it.


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