Kraig Debus

Kraig Debus pic

February 23, 1958 – August 11, 1990

Kraig Debus grew up in Warren and earned his B.A. in advertising in 1981 from Michigan State University, where he served on the staff of the State News.  After graduation, Debus moved to Chicago.  He died of complications from AIDS at age 32.

Chicago Tribune, August 14, 1990

One thought on “Kraig Debus”

  1. I’d like to thank you for memorializing Kraig Debus on these pages. Kraig and I went to MSU together and later ended up being roommates together in Chicago for a short while. I’m not sure why I thought of him this evening, but was certain that because he passed away before the advent of the internet, there would be no trace of him to be found. It is uplifting to see him remembered here and I hope that this will serve as his memorial for a very long time to come.


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