Finley Hooper

August 14, 1922 – June 6, 1993

Finley Hooper grew up in Detroit and was an assistant professor of Greek and Roman history at Michigan State University in the mid-1950s when he was discovered to be homosexual and forced to leave.  He subsequently enjoyed a long and esteemed academic career at Wayne State University.

Grosse Pointe News, June 17, 1993

One thought on “Finley Hooper”

  1. God damn best history professor I ever had at WSU. He was a legend at Wayne, his lectures were standing room only, I am proud to say he use to laugh at my dumb ass from time to time! The best quip he ever shot back at me was when he compared my feeble excuse for not having an assignment to Detroit Tigers outfielder Willie Horton saying “oh my, you and Willie Horton have the same problem, neither of you can score.”


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