Larry Zimmerman

Larry Zimmerman pic

May 11, 1955 – September 14, 2016

Larry Zimmerman worked as a real estate agent and was a founding member in 1980 of the Motor City Business Forum.  He later served as dean at Macomb Community College.  Zimmerman was survived by his partner of 37 years, husband Stuart Itzkowitz.

Detroit Free Press, September 16, 2016

One thought on “Larry Zimmerman”

  1. Larry was my partner and spouse for over 38 years. I am so pleased to see him included here. Besides Macomb, he worked at Wayne State for 21 years. He became an activist when he lived in Florida during the Anita Bryant crisis. He also was an active member of and donor to Affirmations. His love and support enabled me to make some contributions to the GLBTQ community. Rest In Peace my beloved.


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