Fredrica Bartz

Fredrica Bartz pic

January 22, 1927 – June 1, 1989

Fredrica Kathryn Bartz graduated from Flint Central High School in 1943.  After divorcing her husband, she received her B.A. from the Flint College of the University of Michigan.  She later earned her M.A. at UM-Ann Arbor and her Ph.D. from MSU.  She taught English at UM-Flint for 22 years, and at her death was chair of the department.  Bartz shared a home in Montrose with her companion Mary Ellen Raleigh.

Memo, June 26, 1989

2 thoughts on “Fredrica Bartz”

  1. Freddie helped me years ago by hypnotizing me back to previous lives at a time of personal trauma. I helped me deal with inappropriate emotions and change my life’s path. She was a dear and kind soul who was quite unappreciated in Flint Michigan by most.


  2. Dr. Bartz was one of my favorite professors at UM-Flint. Her science-fiction courses were amazing as were her occasional cocktail parties featuring luminaries from the sci-fi community as honored guests.


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