Alma Routsong


November 26, 1924 – October 4, 1996

Born in Traverse City, Alma Routsong served in the WAVES during World War II and graduated from Michigan State University.  After moving to New York City, she authored the pioneering novel Patience and Sarah under the pen name Isabel Miller.

Gay Community News, Winter 1996

Lesbian Herstory Archives oral history of Alma Routsong

Isabel Miller papers at Smith College

2 thoughts on “Alma Routsong”

  1. I remember meeting Isabel Miller / Alma Routsong late 1970s, at a friend’s house in Brooklyn. Her Patience and Sarah was an essential book during an era when we were searching for literature and poetry to help us imagine our past and foretell our futures. I kept on buying copies of P & S and giving them away to women who needed to discover the story. I didn’t know AR’s Michigan connection. I did think that her way with people was warm and solid.


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