Grateful thanks to the following for their support, suggestions, and input for this project:

Kofi Adoma
River Artz-Iffland
Rob Bader
Peter Berg
Sandy Berris
Bob Bruno
Will Carlson
Kristin Chittle
William Colburn
Steve Culver
Christopher Cushman
Chet DeFonso
Julie Enszer
Joe Feliciano
Miriam Frank
Chad Frost
Julie Herrada
Michael Hodges
Susan Horowitz
Winnie Kerwin
Mike Laber
Curtis Lipscomb
Tim McKee
Jason Michael
Barb Murray
Jon Nalley
Kristin Nieuwenhuis
Gary Roberts
Tony Rome
Leo Romo
Mary Sappington
Atiba Seitu
Jim Westphal
Tom Wilczak
David Wyka
Christine Yared

The following have generously granted permission to include material previously printed in their publications:

Affirmations Community Center
Between The Lines

Gay Community News
Gay Insurgent
Michigan Tribune
Old Lesbians Organizing for Change
Royal Oak Tribune

Ten Percent
Washington Blade
Wild Hunt

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